Tips for Preserving Wood: Beeswax

Now many of you might be wondering about our choice of topic today. Why beeswax? What the importance of such a random item? How does this relate to Mac Cutting Boards in any way? Well I’m glad you asked! Beeswax is by far one of the most essential ingredients for our Mac Cutting Boards. Every cutting board product that you purchase contains this precious ingredients, and it is derived from one of the most loved creatures around the world. Bees! Beeswax is essential for the preservation of our high quality. Much like moisturizer on our skin, beeswax has that same relationship with our high quality woods. So essentially speaking, the beeswax is the key components in the preservation of our cutting boards.


Not only that beeswax offers many more great benefits to our cutting boards. For starters beeswax is completely antibacterial in the most natural way possible. Beeswax is a raw material and has been untouched by man offering an edible food friendly ingredient. Beeswax is what gives color to the boards and the best part yet, much like honey beeswax will never spoil. If ever you notice your mac cutting board drying up or losing it’s bright vibrant colors try using a touch of beeswax to cure the wood and keep it hydrated. More alternative options for curing our products will be listed in this link right here! Check out the company that provides us with amazing beeswax! For more wood preservations tips and tricks check out this link right here.

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