The Many Ways You Can Use a Cutting Board

A cutting board is absolutely not just for chopping, dicing and slicing although that's it's primary function.  There are great ideas on using a cutting board provided you started with a really nice looking one.  Hard to get a really nice looking one from plastic.  Generally, great looking cutting boards are made from wood.  Wood has natural colors that just won't fade on you no matter what you do.  Unless, of course, you intentionally fade the coloring.  But overall, the natural colors of the wood are colored through and through.  It's what nature gave that particular brand of tree like maple, padauk, purple heart, cherry and walnut.  These woods bring a dynamic color that when put together provides an awesome looking cutting board.  So here are ways you can use a cutting board besides cutting with it.

  1. Serve on a it.  Yep!  Brings a huge ambiance to the table, to the event and most of all to your guests!
  2. Use it as a plate.  If you get it small enough, it can be used as it's one plate for your guests to put all their fixings on it.
  3. Use it as a charcuterie plate.  Just another way to serve, but if you are serving wine, cheese and fruit ... man does it look good on a cutting board!
  4. Wall decor piece especially if it is customed engraved.  People are funny that when they customized a board, they don't want to use it.  I say use it and serve on it.  You can't harm it.  If anything, it will be a great conversation piece.
  5. A gift!  It's a perfect gift!  Everyone needs a cutting board!  It will never NOT be used.  Trust me on this one.

Oh and did I mention that wood cutting boards are safe like really safe!  There is a UC Davis study out there that wood is a natural fighter to any bacteria that is on it's surface.  After awhile, the bacteria disappears.  Basically dies off.  Pretty interesting reading.

Check out a few of our fellow wood workers on some great looking cutting boards besides ours. We've don't reinvent the wheel when it comes to making cutting boards.  We all have our unique way to making them.  Enjoy!

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