The Importance of Upcycling Wood


It is without question that Here at Mac Cutting Boards we have many values that we share with other people and hold dear to our hearts. So much so that one of those convictions has now become our entire business model. What is it that we speak of? Why it is simply our policy of making sure every board is made out of reused and recycled woods in an effort to preserve our this valuable resources. It is without question that we as a society waste away millions of pounds of wood every year from products such as lumber, paper, cardboard, toilet paper, furniture, etc. In a recent statistic (Conducted by Waste Away) conducted by a group called waste away, it is estimated that Americans waste about 1 billion trees in the US every year. That’s approximately 85 million tons of paper each year which is basically the equivalent of 680 pounds of paper per person in the United States. Check out Vikaspedia and their blogs about how to conserve tree and the amount of wood humans use on a daily basis. Without a doubt these numbers are disturbing and as opposed to contributing to that statistic we chose to go the opposite direction. Every piece of wood that Mac Cutting boards obtains was previously about to be thrown away by the previous owner, and after checking the quality and going through our process of curing the woods to make it food friendly, we are ready to turn what was once trash into a beautiful piece of art in an effort to promote joy and conservation of the environment. For more woodworking tips check out Dan’s Shop an expert who’s blogs have been around since 2007!

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