Repurpose and Upcycle As Much as You Can

Our entire story is about repurposing and upcycling.  When we first started our business, it wasn't the story at all.  It was about entrepreneurship.  Don't get us wrong, we still want to create a successful business as this is what feeds our family and pay our mortgage.  But starting any business is always hard to find your identity at the beginning.  It's just about making money and how to do that.

Our story as with any story, starts with a beginning.  Our beginning was really simple.  We wanted to make enough money to have a family vacation that year and maybe each year after that.  We had a couple of orders, family and friends loved it and we were good.  Never really understanding that we were creating something pretty special. 

It got to the point that buying our materials from Home Depot wasn't going to cut it.  After all, Home Depot was charging retail price which made our cutting board price pretty high.  So, we thought what about collecting unused scrap hardwoods that wood workers just toss?  People like hardwood flooring companies, molding and even lumber companies.  Each organization that works with wood inevitably will create scraps and unused to boot.  So we started searching for these pieces.  Only to find that there are quite a bit of scrap woods to go after.  So there is our start of repurposing.  

We love what we do.  We've evolved into personalizing the cutting boards with company logos, sayings and/or both.  We have a wood shop in San Francisco and we do the engraving ourselves.  Self contained.  Been in business since 2009 but really started going after it for real since 2011.  Thanks for reading our story!

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