Real Gifts For Real Estate

One of the things that catches our eye is the influx of real estate agents we get every year eager to purchase hundreds of boards from us. Whether it’s for display or a neat little closing gift thanking them for the nice little six percent they received. (If you’re in real estate you know what I’m talking about). So now I would like to ask the impending question, are you in real estate? Are you like one of the many independent salesman diving head first into a crazy cut throat industry that lacks a little comfort? If so I would like to invite you to think of the potential opportunity that comes with purchasing a Mac Cutting Board.

Imagine you have multiple listings for houses and you’ve been working with your clients who are great hard working individuals such as yourself and like the great real estate agent you are, you managed to find a listing that your clients love, or better yet, you close their house higher than the initial asking price! You just finished signing off on the house that they purchased or sold and you find yourself in an elated mood and are generally thankful for the clients coming to you for your services. What better way to celebrate than to order a custom engraved cutting board with a personalized message congratulating your clients on their brand new home.

Besides the fact that our products are great closing gifts why not include them as a promotional item instead? Every year new realty companies give us huge orders of cutting boards so that they can mail it off to people looking to buy or sell their property. I mean what’s better than a nice handwritten letter? Obviously it’s getting a brand new mac cutting board in the mail. And imagine this; because of our custom engraving we can have your logo of your company attached to every cutting board so your potential benefactors can see your company logo for years to come!

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