Perfect boards for Perfect Couples

Okay, so imagine this, your husband's birthday is coming up and this year you decided that a new tie is probably not gonna cut it. You’ve been with him for many years and yet for some strange reason it still feels like you don’t know what he would like. You want to impress him however you don’t want to buy something that he won’t use. But then all of a sudden you remember that shiny new barbeque he bought a couple weeks back, and then it hits you. Your husband is a fanatic on the grill and what perfect way to compliment his masterful skills than a nice huge end grain cutting board with a gravy channel to hold all the juices from that beautiful steak he just grilled. Your sold. The idea of adding design and functionality to your cooking lifestyle was enough for you to buy a beautiful mac cutting board for your significant other.

She’s a master chef in a very amateur kitchen. Why not spice up her lifestyle a little bit? It’s now your wife’s birthday and it’s time for you to step it up a notch. She’s been everything that you wanted and then some so now it’s time to go against the grain here. Pun intended. You need something different, that represents all the qualities that make her great while at the same time expressing the feeling that I’m lucky to have you. You start to panic cursing to yourself why don’t I listen more when she talks but then you feel a sense of relief because you remember Mac Cutting Board has your back! :) So to show your love for her and to appreciate all the things your S/O has done for you, you purchase a Mac Cutting Board with both your last names permanently engraved onto her board to not only highlight her awesome cooking abilities but to highlight the permanence of your relationship with the love of your life.

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