Mac Cutting Boards: Our Promise

Now there’s a plethora of reasons as to why Mac Cutting Boards goes above and beyond the expectations of its guests and competitors. Offering unique one of a kind art designs that will blow you away, our attention to detail for every product that’s made in the heart of SF, or how about the fact that every board is handmade so that perfection is an expectation. All of these are great qualities that makes us unique however what makes Mac Cutting Boards go above and beyond is our ability to cultivate your experience as our respected guest. It’s not about what you purchase or how you acquire our products. What matters is the meaning behind it. Why are you purchasing a Mac Cutting Board? Maybe it’s your special friend who owns a company and would love to see their logo. Or how about a newlywed couple whose’ last names are engraved onto the bottom right corner. We could go on forever but to simply put it, Mac Cutting Boards is more than just strips of wood glued together. It’s a memory created by you with the characteristic of creativity and personality all flowing into one single wooden product. If you decide to share that memory by giving a mac cutting board to someone else, just know that you are allowing both you and that person you care about the opportunity to share that fond memory together. This is more than a cutting board, we represent creativity, personality but more importantly an opportunity for you to cultivate your own memory. What memory will you create?

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