Ideas for your Custom Engraving

One of the many great features we have here at Mac Cutting Boards is our Custom Engraving! Got a logo or a design? With each order of our cutting board by simply sending an email of the desired photo, we can engrave that same exact design onto your product. That’s right you heard correctly, we offer you the guest a chance to put on your creative hat and create an amazing cutting board that will upgrade your cooking lifestyle in no time. However one of the most frequently asked questions we get is what do I put on my Mac Cutting Board??? Not to worry we are here to help you on your endeavors. So to get started started I compiled a list of 3 very popular ways you can create your own customized board

The Center Bottom piece. As the name is very self explanatory, the logo of your choice will be located on the bottom portion of the board and aligned perfectly in the center of your piece. This is a great way for using your cutting board as a way to serve food while at the same time showing off that amazing logo of yours. Since the engraving is located in the bottom portion

The Bottom Right Corner. A more subtle approach to the center bottom piece, this allows maximum space for food while still offering a personal twist with that awesome engraving that not too big not too small but just right.

Finally we have the centerpiece. Bigger and badder than ever the centerpiece located directly in the middle and will easily cover ⅓ of the board if not more! Recommended for those eccentric type of people who wants the whole world to see their custom engraved logo.

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