How We Started Our Business

Starting a business is definitely NOT easy!  But tenacity, desire, drive and fun are all components you need to have if you're thinking about starting one.

Our business was started in 2009 with no clue of what we were doing.  But we have an idea and we went for it.  Here's some advice with what we've learned along the way.

1. Access your talent.  If you don't love what you are doing, you will not go very far in your business.  Have a purpose and love it!  Have a goal!

2. Decide the location of your business.  Ask for help on the business end.  There are plenty of resources out there, one being SBA (Small Business Association). 

3. Start with your network - friends and family.  Trust us, they are your worst critics.  If you can overcome their criticism and challenges, you can accomplish anything!  You are then ready to network with your community outside your comfort zone.  Get uncomfortable and success will follow.

4. Have a website presence.  Start with a free website.  But we recommend owning your own website through  It's a bit challenging in navigating through but it will pay off in the end when your business starts growing.   If you have an ecommerce business, we recommend  Owning your website means you own your own content.  Free websites are free, but the content doesn't belong to you.  Which means the host can shut down your website at any given time with no given reason.

5. Have a social marketing presence.  Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest.  Yes we know it's overwhelming, but just pick one.  Be really good at it.  Bring your confidence up about sharing.  Share your business not your personal life.

5. Be organize.  Keep a schedule.  Be consistent.  Be good to yourself. 

People say that you "have to have money to make money".  We say just START.  Money will show up when you really need it when you really work your business.  We say "balls to the wall" or "Sh*t or get off the pot" kinda thing.  The universe will be there for you.  It's karma.  What you put out there will come back tenfold.  Just don't give up no matter how challenging the circumstances are.  Have a mantra to keep you going and above all, never loose site of the goal you had when you decided to start your business.  To your success!

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