How to Care for Your Mac Cutting Board

We get a lot of requests on what to do when they pick up one of our cutting boards.  How to handle them, what's going to happen after cutting on them and how to care for it.  First of ... your cutting board will last you years ... I mean years if you just take care of it.  It's easy trust me.  A few steps and a few things you'll need but so worth it!  

  1. After use, wash it with soap and water.  Hand wash only.  Do not put it in the dishwasher.  Just too much water and too much heat.  Not good at all.
  2. Wipe down the access water with your dish towel.
  3. Stand it up against your back splash and let it dry naturally.
  4. When it dries out and it will eventually from washing it and using it alot, put some mineral oil on it to condition the board.  It will help keep it's shape and it's natural beauty.
  5. It is a wood cutting board.  When you cut on it, it will have slice lines on it.  Not to worry, take a fine sandpaper and sand it down gently to get it smooth again.  It won't take long as all the cuts are on the surface.  Unless of course, you cut too hard.  Even then, it should be just fine.  Sand it down until smooth and add mineral oil to condition it.

Honestly, that's it.  Yes ... putting your cutting board in the dishwasher is way easier, but you'll wind up buying more cutting boards.  We would love that!  But you can easily care of it with just following these simple steps.

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