How it's Made pt. 1

The creation of just one Mac Cutting Boards takes a lot of time, focus, and dedication. While most companies use machinery to mass produce low quality products, Mac Cutting Boards offers a different approach. We produce thousands of boards every year and we as a company can say with pride that everyone of those bad boys is made by hand. Let’s not forget that each strip of wood that we acquire is not only of great quality but we make sure that each strip is an up-cycled piece of wood. And seeing as though offering you one solid piece of wood would be bland and uninteresting. So to go against the grain we offer a variety of hardwoods.

Ranging from oak, walnut, to an exotic piece called purple heart! (And yes it’s actually purple). These are some of the highest quality of wood that nature has to offer ensuring our products quality and longevity. See for yourself! Check out our American Flag Cutting Board's to give you an idea of our beautiful designs. Additionally after all preparations are complete our master craftsman is ready to start creating his beautiful masterpiece as he has done for many years. As you can see a lot of work is put into just the preparation. We haven’t even gotten to building the actual board yet. To find out more on how's it's made be on the lookout for part 2! For more information on wood working check out Jay's Custom Creations, they have great ideas and plenty of information to get you started on your next project.

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