How it’s made: Part 2

Following the continuation of part 1, we can now get to the building process of our great quality products. To get started on a Mac Cutting Board we have to cut our strips of wood into precise measurements so that we maintain a certain dimensions of our products. Our main types of wood range from oak, walnut. Now that we have the strips of wood, our master craftsman goes to work on the design of our cutting boards. Since we use an assortment of woods it allows our design to be unique and have a huge diversity of colors including purple! Next our craftsmen must apply wood glue to each individual strips of wood. This is a very important process due to the fact that the wood glue is what holds each piece together. Check out the Craftsmen blog on finding the best quality of wood glue for future projects. After each strip of wood has the glue applied the next step is to use wood clamps to hold each strip together. Wood clamps are used during the drying process and allows pressure to be applied so that each strip holds together. With constant pressure being applied, it allows the wood to take its shape into the fine cutting board that you know and love today. Follow our blogs here on our website so that you can be updated for part 3 and more woodworking tips in the future

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