Handmade Corporate Gifts is that Really a Thing?

More and more corporations in the US are looking for something unique, something that stands out, something memorable that represents the company and their social beliefs.  US corporations are looking for US manufacturing companies that can produce a gift with a social message.  What kind of message?  There are several initiatives corporations focus their attention on ... saving the environment, education for all, small businesses, "made the in the United States" statement.  Whatever their social beliefs are, it is the driver to why corporations are looking at US businesses to provide these types of gifts.

Pricing still is the number one factor on deciding on who to hire for their corporate gifts, but if you can leverage that you are:

  • US based company
  • Minority owned
  • Products made in the US
  • repurpose and/or upcycling component
  • personalizing such as their company logo
  • price competitive
You may find yourself with a small business with a niche.  This will give you an advantage over everyone else who sources their products overseas.  Check out USA Love List where Sarah Wagner (founder) listed all sorts of US companies producing US made products.  Good luck!

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