Finding Our Target Audience

Bart and I have been in business for awhile now.  Running it at times like a corporation and many people working for us.  When in reality, it just him and I.  Sure there is a occasional help whenever we have orders that we just can't get done in a timely manner.  In all this, we still operate our business as if we just started it and have been pretty successful too!

So how did we do it?  Pretty much organically.  We decided to leverage Instagram and Facebook, building a network and a community outside our family and friends.  Instagram has been our main source.  We found a BBQ community that really accepted our cutting boards and our work.  They started tagging us every time they used our board.  Each time our BBQ community tags us, we get followers.  How cool is that?

Here's some advice on how to build your target community audience in any social media platform you choose.  Before you choose, we recommend just sticking with one until you find a rhythm.  Super important that you just choose one.

  • Answer every comment in all yours posts
  • Comment on other posts that you resonate with.  Say something like "wow that's cool!" or "That's awesome ... congrats!".  The idea is be real.
  • Start reposting other posts onto your page and tag them
  • Do this daily
  • Do this at the same time.  Find the time that works based on your analytics.  Play with it until you find your niche.

Try it!  Let us know how you did.  Give it about 3-6 months to gain some momentum.  You'll be seeing your return on investment sooner rather than later.  Good luck all!



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