Best 5 Father's Day Gifts EVER!

With Father's Day around the corner, it's time to shop around and get some great ideas on what to get your Daddy Dearest.  Well ... it is of my opinion anyway on Father's Day gifts that I have found.  Keep in mind, I am a big supporter of experience, handmade, repurpose and totally useable gifts.  Also, we are in San Francisco Bay Area - the mecca of artisans who are extremely talented in taking used materials and repurposing them again.  So, let's start.  Each recommendation will come with a link so you can easily peruse their website.  Happy shopping everyone!

  1. BBQ party for your family and have a professional BBQ master cater to you guys!  Trust me, it's not as expensive as you think.  Pretty reasonable.  Check out these amazing BBQ masters.  Check out their instagram pages Steelhouse BBQ ask for Sean (he's amazing!) SaucyBeardBBQ and Big Vics BBQ.  All Bay Area guys.
  2. Something for their man cave!  Every Dad I know is a sports nut or some sort.  Usually it comes with a theme like SF Giants ... ha!  So why not check out our wall mounted bottle openers with custom logo'd on the bottle cap area.  Plus, we can engrave on the wood something special like "BEST DAD EVER!".
  3. American Flag Rustic Wall Decor piece!  There is just something about a wall decor piece that's handmade that speaks all american.  Check out American Flag Shop on Etsy.
  4. Speaking of American Flag ... how about an American Flag Cutting Board right???  If you are bbq-ing or just want to serve on it ... it's perfect!  
  5. Last but not least, VIP treatment to a sports game of his choice.  Yah, this is pretty pricey but what's an experience of a lifetime worth right?  Priceless I say.  Check out Luxury VIP Suites.  Might be worth it!

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