Become a Grillmaster in Your Own Home

Picture by Sasquatch BBQ

Becoming a grill master takes time and a lot of love and patience.  I found the best grill masters out there generally stick with two things, simple and abundance.  Makes for a great foundation to all techniques, recipes and style.  Once you've feel like you've "master" the craft, start trying different seasonings, styles and even the type of meats you want to BBQ.  But in this blog, I'm just going to summarize the basics of keeping it simple and having a lot of it!

  1. Have a BBQ grill you absolutely love to work with.  There are a ton of choices out there.  I would say, whatever floats your boat should be your decision on what to use.  Check out Weber or Traeger.  Both super popular in the market.  Both have the same and different ways to BBQ on a grill.
  2. Have the right tools.  What do I mean by that?  Just a basics like a cutting board, grilling tools like a sharp knife, apron, gloves, trays to catch the meats and it's juices, towels, charcoals, propane ... you got the picture.  Can't BBQ without these guys helping you out.
  3. Pick the right meats you want to grill.  BBQ-ing doesn't mean ribs all the time.  It could chicken, pork, fish, turkey, whatever.  Even veggies are amazingly tasty when grilled on a BBQ grill.  You need to try.
  4. Find the right recipes to use.  How do you do that when you are starting out?  I say do some research.  Follow seasoned grillmasters like Sasquatch BBQ and Steelhouse BBQ just to name a few.  They often post less than 2 minute lessons on how they BBQ and copy that.  I always say ... you don't need to reinvent the wheel, you just need to make the wheel your own.

If this is your first time BBQ-ing, try doing that on own your own first before inviting people over.  You are your worse critic so if you can please you, chances are you would blow people away with your cooking.

OK ... that's pretty much it!  Happy BBQ-ing!

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