BBQ Season is Just Around the Corner

and so is hot weather, swimming times, outdoor sports and activities and oh yeah ... SUMMER!  So for those that are super into tank tops and shorts (I certainly am), this is your season!  But more importantly, BBQ-ing is the best!  In our household, BBQ food is just one of the basic food groups we can't live without.  I mean ... who could right?  

I believe there are essentials that you need to prepare for when it comes time for summer and BBQ-ing activities:

  1. A working grill and tools ... you laugh, but I tell you if you haven't tried out your bbq grill in over 6 months, check it!  Like you may need propane, cools, a brush that's not all jacked up and maybe grab an apron and other essential tools for grilling veggies and such.
  2. Outdoor party dates.  Yes!  You should do that!  Plan a little to bring your closest friends and family over to hang out.  Or be spontaneous and have it when you feel like it.  That works too!  BYOB!
  3. An outdoor cooler or fridge.  Costco has some screaming deals on large coolers.  Or get a little creative and buy a custom engraved outdoor wooden cooler.  College of sports team of choice.  Check out Park Hill Country's Etsy page.  I'm thinking about getting one.
  4. A manicured back yard.  Seriously, if you are going to have people over, make sure your backyard is decent.  You want to give your guests something to look at and enjoy.
  5. Backyard furniture like a table and chairs with an umbrella.  Play cards outside or shoot the breeze but something comfortable.

There's some great ideas on a backyard BBQ party on Etsy and Instagram.  Happy BBQ season!

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