BBQ Season is HERE! Are you Ready?

Picture by Aztlan Smoked Out BBQ

Yep ... summer time is always equal to BBQ time!  This is the time of year where all shorts, tank tops, bikinis and dieting (for months) all comes together ... SUMMER!  Getting ready for some great weather and awesome BBQ grub.  Get your checklist out and check them off!  You'll need to make sure you have the basics going before you can officially launch summer from your backyard.

  1. BBQ grill - cleaned, propane tanks filled, charcoal bags in stock, BBQ tools ready to go and a BBQ cutting board right by your side!
  2. BBQ sauce - either homemade, store bought, Costco bought ... whatever.  You'll need your BBQ sauce and seasonings all ready to go!  Check out these great homemade recipe for BBQ sauce from "We're Parents" blog.
  3. Apron
  4. Cooler next to your BBQ grill
  5. Outdoor furniture even if they are lawn chairs and a make shift fire pit.  In my opinion, the important piece of furniture here is the BBQ grill
  6. Meats ... meats .... meats ... okay okay maybe some veggies like corn.
  7. Check your calendars for BBQ party nights.  Or it can be an impromptu one too.  I always says, anytime is the right time for a party!

That's it!  BBQ 101 Basics.  There are great BBQ recipes from amazing grill masters out there.  Check out "This Jew Can Que".  Lots of great techniques and flavors to consider when BBQ-ing. 

Happy Summer everyone!

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