BBQ Out Platter and Then Some

I love a great BBQ platter!  Filled with all different kinds of meats ... like tri-tip, rib eye, ribs, carne asada, chicken and veggies.  Whoa!  Is a cutting board also a BBQ platter?  Oh HELL YES!  I saw a cutting board is more than just a cutting board these days.  Check out what you can serve on it.  You got your meat (as mentioned above) and potatoes, your veggies, your toppings and sauces and maybe a little flare of decor like a parsley or something like that.  Although, I don't think you should be worried about ambiance here. 

After the main meal, wash out the board and start all over again with desserts.  Fix it up with strawberries, chocolates, grapes, cheese, crackers ... well, you get the picture.  Speaking of pic, check out the desserts platter from the Lambs Club. Let your imagination run wild!  And if you are curious, that is our cutting board that we made from them.  HA!

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